Crazy times behind us…

…and hopefully really behind us. Enough is enough. A lot has happened since my last visits on WordPress. Life was crazier than usual and I couldn’t even continue with my then new tech site I started in April. And I just won’t go on with that project either, it has lost its value in myContinue reading “Crazy times behind us…”

The Originals – Aftermath

Chapter I – a reminder and beyond ‘What if there is nothing after this?’ – said Klaus with a painful realisation what this night could bring for him and Elijah, while his tears were waiting for a last release – ‘No peace, just darkness.’ ‘We face it together.’ – and while saying this, Elijah lookedContinue reading “The Originals – Aftermath”

The truth begins to show

I’m the child of the Dark, power is in my veins,But no blood, I hunt for such gains.I’m not shallow nor hollow, just cold in a tomb,Waiting for you to wake me, in hope of love to bloom.Make no mistake, we’ll be friends and lovers and dreamers,We will travel and you hold kindly my coldContinue reading “The truth begins to show”