Two and a half snowmen

I knew this year would be different.It is. Snow has already arrived, 20 cm in a weekend’s first half. I hate snow less than winter itself as a whole, the temperature is better when heavy snow clouds appear. And you can pull each other stupid on a sleigh, making snowman front your gate, throwing grumpyContinue reading “Two and a half snowmen”

There we go again, it’s coming

Now, for some, it is yay and hurrays, for me it is definitely doomsday season. The months-long wet (not on the way some would want), cold, windy and sickening period is here again. Some have a fetish for this relentless suffering and they write its horrifying name starting with a capital letter: Winter. It suggestsContinue reading “There we go again, it’s coming”

Sun, where is it?

I looked this morning at the calendar (digital) and it showed 2nd of March. In my book, a rather desperate one now, it would be time for some changes. Like little more sun, less apocalypse from above. Thanks in advance! After the calendar, I looked outside too. Just to see, we’re 50 cm further fromContinue reading “Sun, where is it?”

The day before

The days of rain and mud passed, What’s left is water, ocean vast. So peacefully silent outside and pretty, Sun shows its face, short, shiny and silly. There should be an end of winter-suffers soon, We wish to see trees and bushes in bloom. But make no mistake my dear fellow citizen! This is justContinue reading “The day before”