Prepare for a new storm

Revelations of the Vampire VIII We’re monsters in disguise of a millennia time, No roots, we just came from the dark alive. You and I, my brother, created equally our home, And those monsters, who try to defeat our throne. There’s now a storm, approaches quickly, I hear a battle horn, And hundreds of grotesque faces,Continue reading “Prepare for a new storm”

We are together and apart

We live as one, on the same dying star, Faster in reach, close, still terribly far. We see, hear, and have the same heart, We’re the same and together, yet far, far apart. Confined in one and the only boat we have, Yet breaking ourselves to hurt, push off and to offend. No else inContinue reading “We are together and apart”

While facing a war

Revelations of the Vampire V New shadows, darkness are approaching our home, Monsters, we once created, coming up on to harm. And while we ARE those are feared by all, and Courage vanishes wherever we are, Still a thought quickly born in my paranoid soul, You and our family are my greatest power And singleContinue reading “While facing a war”