The Originals – Aftermath

Chapter I – a reminder and beyond ‘What if there is nothing after this?’ – said Klaus with a painful realisation what this night could bring for him and Elijah, while his tears were waiting for a last release – ‘No peace, just darkness.’ ‘We face it together.’ – and while saying this, Elijah lookedContinue reading “The Originals – Aftermath”

The Originals – Aftermath

Prelude to a story… A while ago, the makers of the incredibly dark and wonderful vampire tale The Originals decided to end the story. Quite frankly, abruptly ending it, with a final episode which felt rather hasty. As if the writers and producers would have thought: ” Thankfully, just let’s get over with this crap”.Continue reading “The Originals – Aftermath”

The Originals – Soundtrack playlist

I hate bad news. But of course, who doesn’t?! Not long ago, the makers of the brilliant dark series, The Originals, ended this great story and doing so with a rather hasted, weird closing. I’m not your usual series-fan, nor I would suffer physical pain of loss because of the ending of any. But thisContinue reading “The Originals – Soundtrack playlist”

Where the Eternal died

Revelations of the Vampire X / 2. Bushes are growing over walls and windows, wildly, There is no one to care, to cut them, and shape nicely. A Coven’s home was once filled with life of undead, where Eternal youth and betrayal were hosted, Closed down with chains and forever dusted. No more lights turningContinue reading “Where the Eternal died”

End of all hopes

Revelations of the Vampire X We have come to this, provoked and reaching the unthinkable, Family lies before me, dear ashes of the unkillable. And if I thought there couldn’t be a colder darkness, The Dark’s laughing on me and showing its very deepest. All that my cold, black heart could love has vanished, CreationsContinue reading “End of all hopes”