Where the Eternal died

Revelations of the Vampire X / 2. Bushes are growing over walls and windows, wildly, There is no one to care, to cut them, and shape nicely. A Coven’s home was once filled with life of undead, where Eternal youth and betrayal were hosted, Closed down with chains and forever dusted. No more lights turningContinue reading “Where the Eternal died”

I love your warmth

I love your sounds, you brought those birds, Seeing them happy, music to my ears. I love your smell, the flowers, fresh bushes, Wonderful green cape you wear. I love your strength beats the cold every year, I love your warmth, dear Spring, I feel so well! We had an appointment my sweet one, we’veContinue reading “I love your warmth”

This loss weighs heavy

Revelations of the Vampire IX What use does mourning have right now, son? What comfort remembrance could provide? None! All words and deeds fall short today, and forever, This loss in our war weighs just that much heavier. We ran out rushing into a battle, so ignorant, we fool, Not knowing our enemies prepared allContinue reading “This loss weighs heavy”

I needed you

Revelations of the Vampire VI In centuries while all Hell broke loose, Because control at times is what I tend to lose. I would have understood my sister and you, Punish my mischiefs, if you are right, and through; I provided reasons in history, I give you that too! Just this one time, only today,Continue reading “I needed you”