iPhonography – Portrait and Wide angles

That was really long ago…so, it’s time to continue the iPhone photography journey, with you.Topics are: portrayal and wide angle shots. And yes, the big doggo have had longer, seemingly left alone fur (3rd photo, dog with my wife), as we do not cut it between late fall and early spring, because of the coldContinue reading “iPhonography – Portrait and Wide angles”

iPhone-O-Graphy 5.

I’ve heard about that you all missed me. Well, I’m here. And I brought new beauties for you, as a next chapter of my iPhone 7 photography learning and practicing series. Experimenting for the best possible result. Now usually I give you the natural results of the iPhone camera, however, this time I made minimalContinue reading “iPhone-O-Graphy 5.”

iPhone-O-Graphy 4.

Today is such a day again. Actually the whole week. Sun, sun, sun! And with that, more green, more flowers, more us outside to smell April’s freshness, and wonder how could we get this lucky, to live here. I’m just writing quickly some for you, passing today’s photos  and then I go back. My BengalContinue reading “iPhone-O-Graphy 4.”

iPhone-O-Graphy 3.

Good weather…no, great weather with 20-25 Celsius, sun, and flowers everywhere. In our yard, on the streets, parks, no matter where we look, slowly everything turns into green and other colours Well, obviously, my favourite time to shoot some pictures, especially that we’re going out for a walk already with our Bengal kiddo Roxy (oldContinue reading “iPhone-O-Graphy 3.”

iPhone-O-Graphy 2.

The first steps in the present, after thousands in the past No, Headline 2 isn’t an ancient Asian proverb. It is expressing exactly my years of the past with phone photography and the present. This time I intend to take improving my mobile photography skills seriously, making a dramatic difference, unlike in the past, whenContinue reading “iPhone-O-Graphy 2.”