There is one wish…

There is no greed to fuel my motives,No other place I would live at instead.I’m content with all we call our own,Having our love and we call this home.There are no fields and mountains prettier,And no lady a better fit or any sweeter.There isn’t a place as calm as your hug…. . . there isContinue reading “There is one wish…”

Frozen rays, all betray

I see you little crap, you smile me from far,You show your rays again, Sun, but your rayalways betrays? I ignore you now, til warmer tides come again,As when last time I obeyed you,My ass was frozen in a square. You told me you’re here and no cold yet to come,And I foolishly thought, whyContinue reading “Frozen rays, all betray”

The pig, the lion and the rest of us

Earth is a weird place, and evolution is screwed! The pigs’ orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (I want to be a pig in my next life …) The cockroach lives for nine days without her head before starving. (I still can’t get the pig out of my mind) If you hit your head in the wall,Continue reading “The pig, the lion and the rest of us”

Four years have passed again…

It must have a good reason why the World Cup has the same acronym as the restroom (WC) At least why I think it is like that…probably because I find the football (or soccer) World Cup, or football in general, utterly useless. Boring. Flat out a turd after a full day’s meal marathon. But IContinue reading “Four years have passed again…”