The truth begins to show

I’m the child of the Dark, power is in my veins,But no blood, I hunt for such gains.I’m not shallow nor hollow, just cold in a tomb,Waiting for you to wake me, in hope of love to bloom.Make no mistake, we’ll be friends and lovers and dreamers,We will travel and you hold kindly my coldContinue reading “The truth begins to show”

End of all hopes

Revelations of the Vampire X We have come to this, provoked and reaching the unthinkable, Family lies before me, dear ashes of the unkillable. And if I thought there couldn’t be a colder darkness, The Dark’s laughing on me and showing its very deepest. All that my cold, black heart could love has vanished, CreationsContinue reading “End of all hopes”

I needed you

Revelations of the Vampire VI In centuries while all Hell broke loose, Because control at times is what I tend to lose. I would have understood my sister and you, Punish my mischiefs, if you are right, and through; I provided reasons in history, I give you that too! Just this one time, only today,Continue reading “I needed you”

Spring, I would feel you

Revelations of the Vampire III. Spring, I would love to feel again and smell you, I wish I could enjoy your waking warmth too. But a centuries doomed soul has no choice at all, Else than hiding shy from your grace, Jealous, behind the dark of a wall. I wish your golden arms of gentleContinue reading “Spring, I would feel you”

We are definition of Doomed

Revelations of the Vampire My brother, we might seem to be blessed, Nor sickness nor man could get us ever dead. We wander on this Earth endlessly, Living in dark, for all eternity. We think, we breath and we think that We love, and being loved, but All what we fake to love, we’ve everContinue reading “We are definition of Doomed”