The Originals – Aftermath

Chapter I – a reminder and beyond ‘What if there is nothing after this?’ – said Klaus with a painful realisation what this night could bring for him and Elijah, while his tears were waiting for a last release – ‘No peace, just darkness.’ ‘We face it together.’ – and while saying this, Elijah lookedContinue reading “The Originals – Aftermath”

Beneath the sky

We went all so low, we are so high,Love the moment with you, Beneath this dark sky. Thunders hit and wind blows death,We’re surrounded by Nature’s threat.I love we’re too high,Beneath the dark sky. Just hold my hand and don’t give a damn,We all will perish, when Hell opens its dam.Better to remain this high,WhenContinue reading “Beneath the sky”

The Originals – Aftermath

Prelude to a story… A while ago, the makers of the incredibly dark and wonderful vampire tale The Originals decided to end the story. Quite frankly, abruptly ending it, with a final episode which felt rather hasty. As if the writers and producers would have thought: ” Thankfully, just let’s get over with this crap”.Continue reading “The Originals – Aftermath”

Prepare for a new storm

Revelations of the Vampire VIII We’re monsters in disguise of a millennia time, No roots, we just came from the dark alive. You and I, my brother, created equally our home, And those monsters, who try to defeat our throne. There’s now a storm, approaches quickly, I hear a battle horn, And hundreds of grotesque faces,Continue reading “Prepare for a new storm”

A Goodbye, yet again

Revelations of the Vampire VII My love, my darling sister, you’re the bravest from all, You step up and out, reveal your heart to the crowd. You just arrived back to us, to our sacred coven, Yet again a Goodbye shakes my heart, I moan. Have you ever imagined how we must feel about, HaveContinue reading “A Goodbye, yet again”