An iconic comedy got a second part

Fuck rockets and rovers, and Mars! This is much bigger! An iconic and worldwide favourite movie from 1988-90, Coming to America, has a come back this year, with a second part! I’m currently downloading it, going to watch it tonight and will come back in the weekend to you with a review and all theContinue reading “An iconic comedy got a second part”

F8 2019 and the irony of The future is private

This is the thing normally I would never do: watching an entire keynote of Facebook Inc. and Mark Zuckerberg (Sugar Mountain, really?!). But after watching a 12 minutes edit from Verge, I had to. I had to go to YouTube and search for the entire Facebook keynote, just to listen if I heard all well.Continue reading “F8 2019 and the irony of The future is private”

Growing like stupid

The grass is growing again, all over the place,Cutting it is madness, what an energy waste.Still I’m starting with it, let’s start that machinery,And plotting a sweet revenge for nature’s fuckery! And in mad rage there is another comforting thought,Once I finished my lawn, get to the neighbour’s yard and roll.All those pretty flowers, heContinue reading “Growing like stupid”