Reading is…

…could say fundamental, but that’s so cliché. It’s as important as breathing, eating. It’s controlled daydreaming. As I mentioned in my previous writing, after really stupid times, it was time that I picked up writing and reading where I’ve left off, also to achieve my reading goals, set in my Apple Books app. Yes, IContinue reading “Reading is…”

Life’s happening and other perks

Update for my precious readers. Hi, I know, I know, I have been away for a week from this blog site, but there are good reasons, don’t have suspicions: work and family. Our online businesses are growing, there is work more, a lot, lot more. Which is, of course, awesome, as incomes are increasing withContinue reading “Life’s happening and other perks”

Completely cats and kittens

Over 30 true stories inside the new book What would be the world wide web without them? What would be our lives without them? The cats. You do have one or some, or you don’t, you might want to enjoy (true) stories in a nice book about them, about our almighty rulers. Completely Cats gotContinue reading “Completely cats and kittens”