I needed you

Revelations of the Vampire VI In centuries while all Hell broke loose, Because control at times is what I tend to lose. I would have understood my sister and you, Punish my mischiefs, if you are right, and through; I provided reasons in history, I give you that too! Just this one time, only today,Continue reading “I needed you”

While facing a war

Revelations of the Vampire V New shadows, darkness are approaching our home, Monsters, we once created, coming up on to harm. And while we ARE those are feared by all, and Courage vanishes wherever we are, Still a thought quickly born in my paranoid soul, You and our family are my greatest power And singleContinue reading “While facing a war”

Freedom or chains

Revelations of the Vampire IV We’ve been so naive to think, we are free, Blinded by promises of youth eternally. Power lying there to be grabbed, from dead to rise, And we sucked like kids on the tits of lies. Being freed from limits of mortality, Being freed from ageing’s fragility. Freedom of forgetting aboutContinue reading “Freedom or chains”

Spring, I would feel you

Revelations of the Vampire III. Spring, I would love to feel again and smell you, I wish I could enjoy your waking warmth too. But a centuries doomed soul has no choice at all, Else than hiding shy from your grace, Jealous, behind the dark of a wall. I wish your golden arms of gentleContinue reading “Spring, I would feel you”

Love, and merciful lies

Revelations of the Vampire II While walking on the many lands of Earth, For generations’ time alone, or with you, brother, Perhaps, to keep that I love, from dead all too sure, I might have sailed far from Reason’s clear shore. I was wicked, vicious and tempted to see This world burning, and everyone flee.Continue reading “Love, and merciful lies”