Where the Eternal died

Revelations of the Vampire X / 2. Bushes are growing over walls and windows, wildly, There is no one to care, to cut them, and shape nicely. A Coven’s home was once filled with life of undead, where Eternal youth and betrayal were hosted, Closed down with chains and forever dusted. No more lights turningContinue reading “Where the Eternal died”

End of all hopes

Revelations of the Vampire X We have come to this, provoked and reaching the unthinkable, Family lies before me, dear ashes of the unkillable. And if I thought there couldn’t be a colder darkness, The Dark’s laughing on me and showing its very deepest. All that my cold, black heart could love has vanished, CreationsContinue reading “End of all hopes”

This loss weighs heavy

Revelations of the Vampire IX What use does mourning have right now, son? What comfort remembrance could provide? None! All words and deeds fall short today, and forever, This loss in our war weighs just that much heavier. We ran out rushing into a battle, so ignorant, we fool, Not knowing our enemies prepared allContinue reading “This loss weighs heavy”

Prepare for a new storm

Revelations of the Vampire VIII We’re monsters in disguise of a millennia time, No roots, we just came from the dark alive. You and I, my brother, created equally our home, And those monsters, who try to defeat our throne. There’s now a storm, approaches quickly, I hear a battle horn, And hundreds of grotesque faces,Continue reading “Prepare for a new storm”

A Goodbye, yet again

Revelations of the Vampire VII My love, my darling sister, you’re the bravest from all, You step up and out, reveal your heart to the crowd. You just arrived back to us, to our sacred coven, Yet again a Goodbye shakes my heart, I moan. Have you ever imagined how we must feel about, HaveContinue reading “A Goodbye, yet again”