Rising hope

Am I seeing well, feeling in the bones, Cold is slowly retreating, growing too old? I sense something warmer, And then looking up and see, Sun’s smiling down closer, To the world and to me! I answer its call and staying on the spot, I’m Smiling back and grateful from toe to the top. It’sContinue reading “Rising hope”

Spring, I would feel you

Revelations of the Vampire III. Spring, I would love to feel again and smell you, I wish I could enjoy your waking warmth too. But a centuries doomed soul has no choice at all, Else than hiding shy from your grace, Jealous, behind the dark of a wall. I wish your golden arms of gentleContinue reading “Spring, I would feel you”

In you I believe

I do believe again, like I exist, My heart isn’t shattered, as I have faith. I believe in your smiles and in us, the two, As my religion is perfection, it’s become you. Days can be tiring, yet nights are restless, But I am faithful, powered by breathing in you, endless. I drag a newContinue reading “In you I believe”

Love, and merciful lies

Revelations of the Vampire II While walking on the many lands of Earth, For generations’ time alone, or with you, brother, Perhaps, to keep that I love, from dead all too sure, I might have sailed far from Reason’s clear shore. I was wicked, vicious and tempted to see This world burning, and everyone flee.Continue reading “Love, and merciful lies”

We are definition of Doomed

Revelations of the Vampire My brother, we might seem to be blessed, Nor sickness nor man could get us ever dead. We wander on this Earth endlessly, Living in dark, for all eternity. We think, we breath and we think that We love, and being loved, but All what we fake to love, we’ve everContinue reading “We are definition of Doomed”