The day before

The days of rain and mud passed, What’s left is water, ocean vast. So peacefully silent outside and pretty, Sun shows its face, short, shiny and silly. There should be an end of winter-suffers soon, We wish to see trees and bushes in bloom. But make no mistake my dear fellow citizen! This is justContinue reading “The day before”

Land of Silence

Eve of the countryside Void You hear that? No? Exactly what I mean, Wonderful silence, music to my ear. Through the day here and there, A bird sings or kids have laughter. But they fly and they all pass, And it’s again, peaceful silence. Psst Mazikeen, don’t break it with your bark, Just listen thisContinue reading “Land of Silence”

Rising hope

Am I seeing well, feeling in the bones, Cold is slowly retreating, growing too old? I sense something warmer, And then looking up and see, Sun’s smiling down closer, To the world and to me! I answer its call and staying on the spot, I’m Smiling back and grateful from toe to the top. It’sContinue reading “Rising hope”

In you I believe

I do believe again, like I exist, My heart isn’t shattered, as I have faith. I believe in your smiles and in us, the two, As my religion is perfection, it’s become you. Days can be tiring, yet nights are restless, But I am faithful, powered by breathing in you, endless. I drag a newContinue reading “In you I believe”