Summer all the time

Weather man go home, you’re fuckin’ drunk, What rain you’re talking about, I have to debunk. I love a great warm day, no trouble about that, Just when Hell arrives, warmth turns to heat-excess. Weather man go home, you’re fuckin’ drunk, You want me to believe, we all are soon alright?! If alright means flamingContinue reading “Summer all the time”

Ode to the Stupid

The world needs You We can’t deny you the right to spill your vast retard, There is no hate towards you, little simple-minded bastard. It’s nothing just amusing to see you sweating under your bliss, The shades of ignorance protecting your hollow eyesight, Mirroring void and dark space others would expect a mind at. TheContinue reading “Ode to the Stupid”

I love your warmth

I love your sounds, you brought those birds, Seeing them happy, music to my ears. I love your smell, the flowers, fresh bushes, Wonderful green cape you wear. I love your strength beats the cold every year, I love your warmth, dear Spring, I feel so well! We had an appointment my sweet one, we’veContinue reading “I love your warmth”

We are together and apart

We live as one, on the same dying star, Faster in reach, close, still terribly far. We see, hear, and have the same heart, We’re the same and together, yet far, far apart. Confined in one and the only boat we have, Yet breaking ourselves to hurt, push off and to offend. No else inContinue reading “We are together and apart”