Beneath the sky

We went all so low, we are so high,Love the moment with you, Beneath this dark sky. Thunders hit and wind blows death,We’re surrounded by Nature’s threat.I love we’re too high,Beneath the dark sky. Just hold my hand and don’t give a damn,We all will parish, when Hell opens its dam.Better to remain this high,When … Continue reading Beneath the sky

Growing like stupid

The grass is growing again, all over the place,Cutting it is madness, what an energy waste.Still I’m starting with it, let’s start that machinery,And plotting a sweet revenge for nature’s fuckery! And in mad rage there is another comforting thought,Once I finished my lawn, get to the neighbour’s yard and roll.All those pretty flowers, he … Continue reading Growing like stupid


Only my thoughts are on the move, inAn unregulated, chaotic groove.Time seems to be stopped, and my body rests,I’m actively idle, just the mind races fast. I would seem to be idle, and for a part it’s true,And this peace is a balm, a blessed day through.The soul picked up a rhythm and started to … Continue reading Idle