Guess who’s visiting you…

It’s me…again… Yes, yes, from time to time I visit back to tell some things and bore you to tears.Also to tell about a new project I just started and worked on for a while, a NEW SITE: There will be (and already are in fact) thoughts, facts (serious and funny) and opinions on technologyContinue reading “Guess who’s visiting you…”

An iconic comedy got a second part

Fuck rockets and rovers, and Mars! This is much bigger! An iconic and worldwide favourite movie from 1988-90, Coming to America, has a come back this year, with a second part! I’m currently downloading it, going to watch it tonight and will come back in the weekend to you with a review and all theContinue reading “An iconic comedy got a second part”

Music is Life

And it always has been for me.In my entire life. Disclaimer: this post requires HEADPHONES, earphones. I love to listen to certain electronic music styles the most, but not exclusively. Deep house, trance and its sub-genres, house, but some of my playlists on Spotify and Apple Music contain Soul-R&B, pop, rock as well from theContinue reading “Music is Life”

This year is about action

After going through a relatively shitty 2020, and ’21 starting much better for us, we decided we are ready to do some more good in our society. In the province where we live. Giving not just our sympathies and likes and shares, and sometimes financial support, for animal rescue organizations, but to jump in andContinue reading “This year is about action”