Who is the Fairest of them all?

This time it is going to be tech talk again and smartphones. For the biggest part rather one particular European phone and phone parts company, Fairphone. Hence the title with the Fairest. Their name is not new to me, although might be new to many, however, despite all their great efforts to bring the fairestContinue reading “Who is the Fairest of them all?”

Asshole designs

Now, before I’m typing down my warning to everyone who started to play or planned to play some casual titles on Apple Arcade, I would say this first: I LOVE a good challenge, a nice, sophisticated, smart game which doesn’t give a trophy easily. Too easy gets boring very fast. No problem with that. ButContinue reading “Asshole designs”

Dark side anniversary of the Force

“In a galaxy far, far away…” Well, in our praticular case, sadly, it all happened here on this planet, and not because I would have chosen so. If there would be a choice involved at all, that would fall on Naboo. But to the point: we have anniversary today! And we ordered cake for this,Continue reading “Dark side anniversary of the Force”