Who is the Fairest of them all?

This time it is going to be tech talk again and smartphones.

For the biggest part rather one particular European phone and phone parts company, Fairphone. Hence the title with the Fairest.

Their name is not new to me, although might be new to many, however, despite all their great efforts to bring the fairest produced and most repairable phone (and providing parts as well), their past iterations were, in my opinion, seriously lacking. Not this year, that is all changed!

Make no mistake, you don’t get their 579 euros (to 649) phone at max specs, there won’t be cutting edge Snapdragon 888+ SoC in it, no 120 Hz OLED panel with 90% screen-body ratio, or superfast charging. But what you get, I can gaurantee, is absolutely FINE for everyday usage, including plenty of mobile games. If games on phones is something you like. I never bothered to do just that. It does have a Snapdragon, a 750G, 5G connectivity support, 128 to 256 GB of storage, 6 to 8 GB of RAM, and reasonably fast charging with a USB-C charger. A 6.3″ full HD+ screen and perfectly fine cameras.

Replace anything!

But what you get more is a PERFECT score for quick repairability of ANYTHING on this device. Screen needs to be changed? The company sells it to you, for 79 euros! Battery? Swap it out! Ports? Sure thing! No more hundreds of euros charges on such (right, Apple?!). Take the part and do it.

And, they support their phone for five years. Hardware parts and the Android software updates. Just as an added bonus. One thing though, they sell only on this continent, Europe, so, you in the United States are out of luck. Officially. You might find, however, alternative purchase sources.

Sure, it’s not perfect and it won’t be everyone’s cookie, some just want the maximum of everything, and those consumers won’t be satisfied with Fairphone 4. But I’m sold on the idea. THIS is going to be my next smartphone. For me, to chat, to mail, listen music and watch videos, read blogs and news, it is a fantastic opportunity to support a fair initiative and still enjoy technology on the go.

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