Asshole designs

star wars battles

Now, before I’m typing down my warning to everyone who started to play or planned to play some casual titles on Apple Arcade, I would say this first: I LOVE a good challenge, a nice, sophisticated, smart game which doesn’t give a trophy easily. Too easy gets boring very fast. No problem with that.

But boy, do I hate game developers that screw up entire titles with intentional asshole designs on challenges?! Hell, yeah! Lately I got really fed up (and not only me, seeing some reviews) with two:

– Red Games Co, LLC’s Transformers Tactical Arena
– TT Games LTD’s Lego Star Wars Battles.

Both titles do the same, there is no way you can progress beyond a certain point, no matter upgrades of characters, utilities, thinking of fighting and building tactics. You are doomed to fail.

Now, you could say: ” But Robert, these are App Store and Mac App Store games, they certainly are made so, so that you would spend micro transactions to purchase your way through.” — and that would be wrong. These are Apple Arcade titles, means, no ads, no in-app purchases. Just fun. And the former is true too, just the latter is missing.

Especially the second title is painful with such an awful gameplay design, as I’m a Star Wars fan (maniac in fact), and both games have nice graphics too, so they really could be enjoyable. IF…and there is that big hanging if. If the gameplay design wouldn’t be so utterly screwed up. Well, after a few days I got rid of both games on all my Apple devices and have put the two developer names on my own personal blacklist for good measure. I just wanted to warn everyone about these and also assuring you: it is NOT you, it is THEM!

Fuck both!

By the way, do you want some really fun puzzle?
Try Spire Blast (also on Arcade)! It is a gorgeous game, fun for all ages, fantastic level designs and really nice challenges. You’ll use your eyes and brain plenty with it.

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