Dark side anniversary of the Force

“In a galaxy far, far away…”

Well, in our praticular case, sadly, it all happened here on this planet, and not because I would have chosen so. If there would be a choice involved at all, that would fall on Naboo.

But to the point: we have anniversary today!

And we ordered cake for this, a galactical imperial cake, complete with a lord Darth Vader and a stormtrooper. The cake’s body is lord Vader’s helmet entirely.

A gift, from the Dark Side of the Force:

Why this theme? – so I hear you thinking.

Two reasons:

– we, me and my wife, both love Star Wars (yes, every single movie)! And everything even remotely related to its universe. And, by the way, we’re with the dark side of the Force. Jedis are scum, so are rebels! 😀
– Our wedding had the Star Wars theme, back in the time, music playlist included. Yes, instead of the usual wedding music theme, we came there for the wedding event on the music score of the Imperial March, then in the time of ceremony the love theme of Anakin and Padmé played as well, among other Star Wars related soundtracks.

That is how serious we think about it.
That is all. You are dismissed, troopers!

May the dark side of the Force be with you!

I find your lack of faith disturbing

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