October is to Fall in love…

…with autumn!

Yes, it’s a bit of a pun game, how I started this post.

We’re lucky almost every year with Fall, how beautiful it is and that it allows us to go gradually into winter’s cold, not at once. There are four distinct seasons here and that’s fortunate.

So, given that it’s still sunny and 16-18 Celsius outside, we decided to go out for a little biking and eating some cakes at our new favourite place in town. Nope, no cake photos. You can thank me for that in the comment section. However, this year autumn is extra gorgeous, so I thought I make quickly some photographs about the colours, on the way to the place and on the way back. Well, the result are here below:

The pictures might seem to be needlessly repeated, however I included all of them as they all have slight angle differences. These are by no means artworks, I do not claim such, they are just for fun and to showcase the autumn in this country. Nothing else. Could I have made them better, more artistic? Sure, if I would have spent more time with it and would have brought my tripod with me. But I did not. Again, it wasn’t a planned photo session. Next time I might do something special, as for photographs and videos.

By the way, video….I made a 2 minutes long, 4K 60 FPS biking video (yes, in motion, while riding and steering) and it is great looking, however my PAID WordPress personal plan does not allow that ONE feature, WordPress would like me to upgrade to Premium to insert this video. So…nope, I won’t showcase that right now. Sorry, I’m not used to allowing extortion.

Have a great Halloween!


  1. lu says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love Fall


    1. Robert Varga says:

      Thank you! I wish I would have kept the phone entirely straight.


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