Also learning is fundamental

And, if you choose the right path and you truly are interested in the subject, it can be tremendous fun too!

I’m enrolled in a very professionally created (and updated) course on programming in Modern C++ (C++17). Teacher of the course is Dr. Frank Mitropoulos, and I have to tell you, he is an incredible one as well. Great narration, extra pen explanations, tips, exercises…fantastic!

This is the first time I seriously dive into such a language as C++, also with serious intentions on using the language later on, and thanks to the course’s structure, the way of explaining and showing things, I feel actual great progress. Videos are followed in Chrome browser, the coding IDE is VSCode, and doing this on a Linux installed 2 in 1 laptop. I do have some previous experience with some coding, Python scripting, Bash scripts in more recent years, and old languages like Basic (in QuickBasic) and Pascal (in Turbo Pascal) from the 90’s (basic school). But those are not much compared to this adventure, learning modern developer skills with the famous C++. It’s very interesting if you like such technical topics. I do.

Following the bite sized lessons…
Many small steps will become a giant leap!

To what end am I doing this?

Well, I am interested and love to learn.

Besides that, I want to develop applications, solutions in the future, for myself on the first place, and for others too eventually, on most major platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac). If I want something and it doesn’t exist or not in a form I like it, I would like to create or change things. Also, it would be great to help out free and open source projects (FOSS), and creating new ones.
Once I become experienced enough, all that won’t happen tomorrow, I do know that. I have patience to learn, and after that practice and learn more. That’s the fun!

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