Apple blew a blow…again!


That’s the thing with Apple, no matter the amount of leaks, they just can surprise you with unexpected developments. Sometimes, those goods are more under the hood.

End of last year, Apple provided a major shake up and huge blow to other companies like AMD, Intel and Nvidia. Apple designed an own chipset (an SoC – system on a chip) for their own computers, the MacBooks, iMacs. The M1. Why? Because they are in a full transition away from the subpar quality Intel SoCs for their laptops and desktops.

Apple has experience with chip designs, after all, your iPhone and iPad (if you own any) contain their A-series chip. And they’re insanely capable. However, they wanted much more for the Macs than what Intel could bring to the table. Apple wanted much more raw power and even better energy profile and lowering heat (to zero), reducing noise (to zero as well) even with more demanding tasks. Intel couldn’t deliver the specifications Apple demanded. So, the fruity company did it again: and the M1 MacBook Air came to the world. Its capabilities blew Intel chipsets out the water by far. And we thought back then, for a while the story ended here (and, ever since, Intel is crying and producing cringe ads)…but no!

Yesterday it happened again, Apple reinvented and reformed the laptop segment, they redefined what a laptop should be capable of. There came the new MacBook Pros with the brand new M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets, to practically annihilate Intel’s past, current SoCs, and make them irrelevant for the coming 5 years for sure. I don’t bore anyone with the in-depth technical details of these chips, those are here. But from now on, it is literally true, the only thing what can limit what you’re capable of doing on a laptop or desktop computer is your own damn imagination. The hardware and software is there!

To understand much more, Mac-keynotes are here and here (2020 and 2021).

Now, will you still go Win-PC?!

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