Microsoft blunders continue

And the Linux world must love this!

Lately Microsoft has been, again, a trustworthy source of fun, memes, reason to joke about their efforts and their “brand new” OS release, Windows 11. Where in the heck should I start? 😀

There are a few stats which also showed lately that Microsoft is one of the most hated brand in the world and in the U.S. too. And I can’t argue against, quite frankly! Although since Windows 8 and 8.1 they regularly struggled to provide a universally great software experience with Windows, and the many, many Windows 10 update fiascos did definitely not help their already shit reputation, the latest issues around a new release is just plain stupid. Decisions and executions around the Windows 11 launch of October 5. Fuck, that shit made many people around the globe crazy, and I think a lot of those eventually turned to Apple’s Mac and the free and open source Linux world. Which is good!

So, Microsoft thought, it is a reasonable idea to reject upgrades from Windows 10 to 11 for a huge set of their users with making the hardware requirements unnecessarily strict. Windows 11 is nothing else actually than a Windows 10.1 or .5 upgrade, riddled with bugs and inconsistencies all over its body, even on launch date, and… then add insult to injury, many people with very capable laptops and desktops are not allowed to this crap’s next iteration. Sure, that they released a range of new Surface hardware, along with the releases of their OEM partners, has nothing to do with (and the plunging PC sales numbers for a while already). Right?!

Look, I understand that 12-15 years old PCs have nothing to do with new OS releases and there comes a time when your PC (that’s Mac too) just becomes obsolete for these (not for certain Linux distributions!). That’s fine. But this time machines with highly capable hardware are denied the “distinct honour”** to get the “upgrade”, few years old rigs with perfectly fine chipsets. Yeah, great idea, try to push consumers to make more electronic waste! Just because of Redmond HQ.
Sure, you can temporarily circumvent this idiocy and you can get W11 on your “old” PC, to upgrade your W10, however Microsoft stated that those devices might not get any future updates, critical patches. Which given the past few years’ Windows Update history…well…it is not much a threat, rather a relief and sounds more like a sweet promise.

By the way, updates…LOL…just short after releasing Windows 11 to users, Microsoft started to bring out updates to this brand new wunderkind! Boy, it made AMD SoC users’ life a nightmare this week, rendering chipsets and features messed up, slowing, bogging down CPUs. Yes, a Windows Update did that. It’s incredible. Fun never ends with them.

If some people haven’t been motivated enough yet in the past years, after a dozen or more update and upgrade issues within Windows 10, then this year they might be ready and happy to make the leap to either Apple’s Mac or to the free world of Linux distribution, like Fedora 34. I would encourage you. Save your sanity and your health with that!


** obvious sarcasm


  1. I have been trying forever to get my partner to buy a mac (I am a mac person for life and have had one since I was a kid). However, my partner bought a windows computer for it’s speed and power… and then immediately regretted it when the M1 came out LOL. Shoulda listened to me!

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    1. Robert Varga says:

      Ha-ha..poor soul (writing this from an M1 Macbook and laughing in M1 dialect). That Windows thing still can be sold and course corrected with!
      The battery usage times with the M1 are insane, besides the raw power.


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