Reading is…

…could say fundamental, but that’s so cliché. It’s as important as breathing, eating. It’s controlled daydreaming.

As I mentioned in my previous writing, after really stupid times, it was time that I picked up writing and reading where I’ve left off, also to achieve my reading goals, set in my Apple Books app.

Yes, I always read e-book version of books, and on iPad. Apple’s iBooks is a glorious total experience, and the books are the same as the paper ones…well…minus the paper as the material. I do not miss paper. I truly do not, neither the limitation in amount you can store of the physical variation of these wonderful fruits of writers’ minds. I have an obscene amount of books (or so I see it) and it expands every year with a varied amount of newly purchased items. And all those can be carried with me anywhere, anytime. Marvellous.

But all that isn’t the point.

The point is, I have a few reading ideas for you, I want to share and link them all here. Mind you, these links below are Apple iBooks links:

H.G. Wells: Classic Novels and Short Stories: this book contains 11 novels and 9 short stories on nearly 4000 pages. You’ll read for a while…

David Adams’ Lacuna series of 6 books: Some people do not like these books, I did and still do. I’ve read them all and I think it’s fun in sci-fi. Try it!

Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus seires of 6 books: Most people only know his Percy Jackson books and the movies made from those. These 6 books are from that kind and theme. Fun, light, entertaining reading.

Apple’s Swift development course books: This is not a single book either, it has several parts. These books teach you to develop in Swift for the Apple application ecosystem. If you are like me, tech interested, and with that, also interested in programming (I’m learning Modern C++ currently with great results), these books could be the books for you. Good for the brain anyway and the knowledge you extract from them could give you brand new opportunities.

Stephen King’s The Outsider: What’s to tell? It’s Stephen King!

Have a great winter and wonderful reading!


  1. I almost always have a book with me. it’s addiction.
    You are never alone if you have books to come back to. Controlled daydreaming is perfect description.


    1. Robert Varga says:

      When I have book with me, I have them all. I love this age of tech making such possible and with style. 😁


      1. I love to hold physical book and that has costed me money that could be easily avoided if they were ebooks. I find it hard to part with all of them. Books go where i go.


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