Amarok is back to rock!

Linux and open source software world has a well known, old and in tremendously slow steps developed media application: Amarok.

Sometimes it happens that some open source applications, no matter how popular they are, get developed in a very slow pace, or even halted for a while. These developers often give their efforts in their spare time while having full time jobs and families, of course. So, pardon them and be patient in such cases.

Thankfully, it seems that Amarok soon is back with a brand new version 3, as per their blog post from February 3 2021:

A new year, a new Amarok release … yes!

You read correctly, after a long hiatus and all developers busy with their real life, the Qt5 port had to wait. But finally, thanks to the dedicated work of a few hardy developers like Pedro and Heiko, we are proud to present the technical preview or the next Amarok: Amarok 2.9.71 aka Amarok 3.0 Alpha.

Some important notes about this release:

Amarok now depends on MariaDB embedded, since MySQL embedded was discontinued. If you still have MySQL embedded, this will continue to work, as does a full MySQL Server, of course. Unfortunately we need to be prepared for MariaDB discontinuing the embedded version as well, and we are considering a port to a new DB backend;

the script engine has been ported to Qt5’s QJSEngine. Sadly the lack of features from Qt4’s QScriptEngine makes the port limited, so there currently are not many scripts that are compatible. It’s likely that a whole new scripting engine (using QML) will replace the current implementation.”

That is a much needed good news for those still use this great, old friend.
Thank you, developers for your efforts!

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