Surprise of the new year in Linux

fedora linux

I consider it a surprise for myself, although the Linux distribution I’m showing here has been released in October last year, I haven’t touched it until recently. I have set up the system a week ago. What a surprise indeed, after that!

I haven’t been much of a fan of Fedora in the past, there have been serious hiccups with most releases, things to try to fiddle with before they worked as intended. Bugs on bugs, crashes, even on the most casual laptop or desktop configurations.
Many times, well, most of the times, I have had no desire and patience to figure basic things out, just to finally use the environment. When I wanted to fiddle, I grabbed Arch. Mind you, these expereinces were long ago, nothing relatively recently. You can imagine my first “shock” when I have read all the praises in Linux related tech articles, reviews and in comments on a range of social platforms and news sites about the most recent version of Fedora, 33.

Honestly, as an OSS and Linux lover, it got me interested as hell, however I took the praises initially with a grain of salt. There were already some memories, screams from the past. So I went on digging further before anything, and it seemed that user satisfaction and joy with release 33 was and is piling up far more higher than complaints. And even complaints do not seem to be valid in some cases, and are about small, trivial objects. Damn, I thought, I have here good hardware, I do have to give it a try again! And, so I did. In fact, I’m writing this on Fedora 33 (GNOME desktop).
I love it!

Yes, it is incredible.
Very honestly

It is clean, rock solid stable, simple to use, simple to get extra software, outside its normal repositories, the system is fast and reliable day after day.
It is in fact a keeper, besides Solus 4.2. After all, why does this machine have two drives if only one was used. Now both are in good use: Solus 4.2 on the 500 GB SSD, Fedora 33 on the 1TB HDD. Life is beautiful with open source and the choices we have these days. And I made both environments beautiful. Below some screenshots of my Fedora setup, after a slight customization:

Fedora 33 with the GNOME desktop. Floating Dock is added.

And yes, I can wholeheartedly advice to most people to try it out, give darling Fedora a spin. You’ll probably like it, if you’re into change and open source adventures.
This one isn’t the rocky one what used to be.

If you want to know the customization items, here we go, you can read it off below:

Have fun!

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