Revolutionary banking? Not so fast!

If you’ve ever thought about to switch from your good old, rusty bank to this hyped up sensation of Revolut… think twice! Or rather, just reject the idea.

They exist for a few years and they make every week more and more people desperate and angry, as many honest and good working citizens around the globe got their accounts, cards and smaller-larger funds blocked. For how long? Well, it depends on how unlucky you were, and believe me, the length of blocking has nothing to do with Revolut’s competency. They have none. Duration is between days and months (some even a year). Most cases are sadly on the lengthy route.

And yes, those many, many complaints on their Facebook page are all valid. Very valid.
Of course, while in some cases security checks on funds are quite alright, what’s currently happening at Revolut and with their customers massively is completely extraordinary. Scandalous even. I think it won’t take long until a group of customers and some lawyers go on the route of a class action lawsuit.

Be warned, if you played with the thought of having a new and shiny, revolutionary banking life: don’t! Sooner or later, it will cost you on the extreme.

I’m sure I won’t touch it ever again, my funds are safe at last.

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