The Originals – Aftermath

Chapter I – a reminder and beyond

‘What if there is nothing after this?’ – said Klaus with a painful realisation what this night could bring for him and Elijah, while his tears were waiting for a last release – ‘No peace, just darkness.’
‘We face it together.’ – and while saying this, Elijah looked with a destroyed but loving face expression at his little bastard brother. – ‘As always.’ – now smiled kindly and encouragingly.
‘I don’t deserve the love you’ve given me, brother. But I am so grateful.’
‘It’s been a glorious ride, Niklaus. My greatest honour.’

Then the two stood towards each other and placed their left hands on each others shoulders as they exchanged their last and most honourable words, with the kindest and saddest smile on their faces after, only the oldest brothers and monsters in arms could have ever exchanged. And while they stood like this, staring into each others eyes with love only true brothers are capable of, the monsters slowly turned their last piece of white oak stakes to the other one’s heart. A last warm smile, a last reassuring nod in their last minute, seconds alive on this world, and with that, they pushed their weapon of devastation, with full power. A surprise of the pain first, a grunting for just a second, but then everything stopped for the two. Pain, time, space. The stakes worked quickly to kill the oldest immortals. They seemed to turn to statues for mere a half minute maybe, modern tragical art of the undead…well, dead, after all. And the millennium old brothers finally left the wars, betrayals, tragedies and sorrow behind as they slowly ashed into the beautiful New Orleans evening. Camille is awaiting you Klaus, she is…
Layer by layer, their bodies evaporated in a slow burn, the ash forming little orange stars as the body structures burned away from the magical dead. They got lifted up by a gentle breeze and the brothers’ ash flew up and up, towards the sky, but never reaching Heaven. That isn’t a path for the damned…The bench at the St Ann Street was the only witness of the epic departure…

There is an unbearable silence at the Mikaelsson family compound. The bonfire is still burning in the midden, and broken hearts stand around it. The rest of the family, together, but most of them shattered from the inside.

For some, such as Rebekah, being a vampire and sibling, the pain of loss is simply unspeakably and unmeasurably high, magically fuelled to unknown heights by her vampire existence, and naturally deep-rooted because of her absolute love for her old brothers. She felt the moment when those departed, or that’s what she thought when she felt a powerful shake through her entire body, numbness and never before experienced beatings in her chest. Everything at once, so strong, she though her time came too, somehow. For maybe fifteen-thirty seconds.
They are gone. Irreversible. The kindest act she thought Klaus would never be able to execute for another, not even her daughter Hope. To sacrifice his life he always clung so strong on and valued more than anything or anyone and started wars on thousands of souls for it. She still cannot comprehend entirely, why Elijah followed him. ‘Always and Forever, brother?! And what about me, in this forever, without you?!’ She is finally crying, breaking down and letting it flow as it needs to flow. No vampire of her kind is strong enough for an event like this. This has nothing to do with magic. It’s family.

To be continued…

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