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Love your Madness

Is this the end for me?
I genuinely have no idea how I’m gonna get passed this.

Am I crazy? Probably.
Am I trying? Most definitely.
Am I alone again? Yes.

I push people away because I don’t want my toxic family to hurt them.
They’ve been hurting me since I was a kid and I can’t let the people I love hurt like I did. Like I am.

I see peace with death.
I see calm and quiet and I see the only way that it’ll get better for everyone is when I’m in that cremation box.
I cause pain to people, because I’m scared there gonna leave.
So I push them away so it saves me the heartache.

Not many people get on with my toxic mother.
Not many people understand why I’m still in her clutches.
The truth is I’m terrified what she’s capable of doing.

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