The Originals – Aftermath

Prelude to a story…

A while ago, the makers of the incredibly dark and wonderful vampire tale The Originals decided to end the story. Quite frankly, abruptly ending it, with a final episode which felt rather hasty. As if the writers and producers would have thought: ” Thankfully, just let’s get over with this crap”.

I hated it, I still do in fact, and I know for sure, all the fans feel and think the same about the decision. It flat out stinks! So, my idea…is:

The Originals – Aftermath

This will be the start of a story. We pick things up right from the point where everything officially ended, that moment, when my favourite character Klaus Mikaelsson died, together with his brother Elijah. I’m going to make an attempt to write a story further, from that moment of love and loyalty. There will be Rebekah, Vincent, Marcel, Hope, Freya and her wolf girlfriend (now wife), Kol, Davina, usual suspects.

The story has plans to introduce new characters as well.

And there will be a shocking surprise, in an epic series of events, where three powerful witches (no telling on who exactly) gain more power in order to….well, as I said, it is a surprise.

Further, to expect bloodshed, horror, thrilling, treachery, magic, hate, deaths, darkness. It will be a feast! Would you join for the dinner?

Expect the tale’s episodes under the menu: Blog, the works — Short(er) Fictions. There will be a sub-menu created for this adventure.

Now you know why I haven’t been around for a while. I created plans for this, wrote stuffs down, and had to think a lot. That is why.


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