End of all hopes


Revelations of the Vampire X

We have come to this, provoked and reaching the unthinkable,
Family lies before me, dear ashes of the unkillable.
And if I thought there couldn’t be a colder darkness,
The Dark’s laughing on me and showing its very deepest.
All that my cold, black heart could love has vanished,
Creations of our hands, crushed brutally and perished.
And as for last, and worst, there is the final strike,
My beloved ones died, and to follow them, so shall I!
And if this mortal coil of the immortal soul can’t die,
I just welcome the deep region of dark and I just lie.
I lie down, in my welcoming, cold tomb to sleep,
Let’s cheat eternal pain and through time and history,
I’ll slip.


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