The last day

Last town

  • Now we have our answers – said Norton
  • Yes, we certainly do, we got all the confirmation, more so than we wished for – answered Paul with a sad, forced grin on his face.

They stood powerless in the main road’s bakery of their little town, while bloody deads, screaming-running livings, and burning buildings all around them showed, a wish came true. They’re here.

  • This isn’t exactly what we wished or hoped for.
  • Consciously, not, of course not…
  • Conscious or not, we never wanted annihilation!
  • Really? Tell me, what else could we get from THEM?
  • Not this, if you ask me. Perhaps sharing knowledge, experiences, technological advancements. Benefits between two intelligent species. But not the apocalypse! – raised Norton his voice.
  • Haven’t we already started with the annihilation of our own species, and all that surrounds us?! We do that for many centuries. We burned up our world, filled it with our filth everywhere we set our feet on. We exhaust everything around us. We cheat, we kill, we betray, mostly out of greed. Sometimes just pure cruelty.
  • Not all is bad here Paul!
  • No, sure not, but if you would be them, coming from so far to this planet for the first time, and seeing what we have done and our reaction to their arrival…what else could be the next logical decision? Even towards each other, have we ever showed mercy, or to anything alive? Not, if there was profit involved. Some kind of. I’m not even sure if there has ever been a decade of peace on Earth since we exist. I don’t want to die either, Norton. I really don’t.
  • We have the right to live, for god’s sake!
  • We have had. The chance, the right. We wasted both, we chased all that we couldn’t catch and/or satisfy ourselves with, while we forgot what we came for to this world: to LIVE. Exactly that. Now, our species gets retired…

And an impossible huge blast, with a gorgeous brightness of blue, red, and silver colors, and a final sound: that of an oversized explosion. As it would have been timed for their last sentence. Their right for the last words.

And another town has been purged away. The last one.
And silence. It came back to Earth after all.



  1. runn1n90nempty says:

    No silence in my town, always birds.


    1. Robert Varga says:

      But, fortunately, no apocalyptic scenario either.


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